Immersion is Strange: Why Life is Strange is an Empathetic Masterpiece

We have all experienced those pocketed quiet moments. No more profound than walking out your front door. In game design this theory is replicated in design by subtraction, seen in the vast open traverses of Journey or Shadow of the Colossus. A poignant experience in Dontnod’s latest title Life is Strange is initiating quiet moments and listening to the thoughts of 18 year old college student Max.

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Insight into Bloodborne: The Descent into Mental Illness

If you are going to talk about a From Software game, surely you are here to talk about its graphic depictions of violence. No?.. Perhaps then the brutally addictive qualities of their games, afflicting innocent players? No?!…

There is a different affliction making its presence known in From Software’s latest title Bloodborne. An affliction of the mind. So potent is this illness that it affects close to the entire population of the city of Yharnam enticing delusions, madness and aggression. Under the light of the full moon this illness takes shape as ‘The Hunt’.

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